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Maklai - Product IT Company

About us

We are a product IT company headquartered in Kyiv, boasting a fantastic team of specialists with over 15 years of experience in the market. We create and develop IT products for the travel industry, helping people from around the world enjoy their trips without wasting time on preparations. We develop websites such as Booked.net, 1Map, and Tophotels, but we certainly don't plan to stop there. The modern world cannot be imagined without travel, and that's what inspired us to create user-friendly products for every traveller.


Our Maklai team consists of more than 140 talents. These are creative, easy-going people who find solutions even for the most challenging tasks. Some joined Maklai right at the beginning of our professional journey, while others became part of the dream team during development.

Our people are the core of the company. A person's individuality, mindset, and thirst for something new are important to us. The desire to change something and to go beyond established barriers is what truly ignites us. It's not just about a set of qualities; it's about what brought us all together into a super-friendly team.

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Key values

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    Ahead of the curve

    We are so passionate about our work that we are driven to discover new goals, pursue them with inspiration, and gain new knowledge and results.

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    Mistakes are lessons, not problems

    It's not about how many times you've made a mistake; it's about the lessons you've learned from them. That's why we're not afraid of failures because, above all, they provide valuable experience on the path to success.

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    Responsibility nurtures talents

    The secret to breakthrough ideas is that we care about every task. That's why everyone in our teams is an owner of projects.

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    Communication is the new black

    Silence is not golden after all. Each of us is not afraid to speak our minds openly and explain our position.

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    Set goals and achieve them

    We believe that for any result, 1% of talent and 99% of effort are crucial. To achieve great results, systematic work is required.

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    Do you want to work for us?

    Just tell us about yourself, your experience, and what your goals are, and let's get started.

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We create digital products that stand out, perform flawlessly by employing the latest technologies, and drive business growth — the ones users keep returning to.


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    Comfortable working conditions

    Our office operates 24/7 and is equipped with a generator and uninterrupted internet. There's a beautiful park nearby, making it a convenient place for quality time with colleagues.

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    Career and professional development.

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    Mentorship and internship program

    We educate, inspire, and motivate employees for development and support them in applying new approaches and knowledge.

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    Professional training compensation

    We constantly learn, develop, and test our ideas, with the company supporting this through training compensation.

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    Flexible schedule

    We work from anywhere in the world, at a convenient time slot. Our goal is productivity, not working an 8-hour day.

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    Work in a product company

    The opportunity to work on complex projects we use, test, and constantly improve.

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    Medical insurance

    We care about the health and well-being of our employees.

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    Approaching victory

    We consistently provide our defenders with everything they need.

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    Great teams

    We solve everything through an open dialogue.

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